Auto-Lube One 240

Battery Powered, Self-Contained Automatic Lubricator 4531

Product Description

The AUTO-LUBE ONE 240 is a reusable, battery powered, electro-mechanical lubricator designed for single-point applications. The Auto-Lube One uses the same proven mechanical design as existing Auto-Lube models but in a lower output pressure version and with a highly simplified programming method. It’s constant 140 psi lubricant output pressure allows the unit to be direct mounted or remote mounted up to 6 feet away from the lube point. It is currently available in a 240 cc model. The Auto-Lube One is self-contained with no external wiring required and can be used plant wide on a variety of applications.

Programming the ONE

The Auto-Lube One daily lubricant output is programmed using the simple Auto Fitting system. The yellow, green red and white timing AUTOs determine how long it takes to empty the lubricant cartridge. There are four basic time settings, 1, 3, 6 and 12 months, that can handle most applications. Once the appropriate AUTO fittings is installed, LUBE ONE lubricator and follow the same output program.


Product Features

  • Reduce production downtime by lubricating your equipment while in operation
  • Improve safety by remote mounting the lubricator up to 6 feet from lube points in hazardous locations
  • Easily integrates with your current lubrication program
  • Reduce lubrication costs by utilizing "Minimal Lubrication Practices"

Directions for Use

The AUTO-LUBE ONE metered positive displacement pump has been primed before shipment and is ready for use. On first installation, all fittings, lube lines and bearing should be precharged with the same lubricant that was ordered with the Auto-Lube One lubricator. Next, install the appropriate AUTO fitting with the metal adapter on your lube point. Screw the Auto-Lube One on the AUTO fitting. The unit will cycle once and proceed to follow the program setting. Periodic visual inspection is recommended for all Auto-Lube lubricators.

When the lubricant cartridge is empty, unscrew the Auto-Lube One lubricator from the AUTO fitting. Place the unit on a firm surface, outlet end down. Push down on the clear plastic housing while turning the black plastic locking ring counterclockwise. The housing and spring assembly will separate from the pump base. Remove the empty cartridge and batter pack and replace with a new one.