Pro Chem in the Tire Industry

With over 40 years experience in the chemical business, Pro Chem is a company you can trust with your chemical needs. When it comes to the tire industry, Pro Chem is providing innovative, safe and cost-effective chemical solutions, which are evolving industry standards in the areas of tire manufacturing and tire center practices.

Pro Chem supplies products that are useful in all areas of the tire industry, including Tire Centers, Fleet Centers, and Retread Shops. Click the links to the left to view specific products for use in each area.


Belt Lube

“One year of usage using Pro Chem Belt Lube on a new bandag rim. Unbelievable! No cracking or grooving! Love your product.” -Brad Waldrip, Redburn Tire

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Extend-A-Life Envelope Lubricant

“We have completed our testing process for your Pro Chem Extend-A-Life Envelope Lubricant and am very pleased with the results. We found the product works very well as a release agent allowing the envelopes to be removed with relative ease… We are also enjoying a measurable cost savings when compared to the envelope lubricant we were previously using.” -Jim Fenn, Executive Vice President of Bauer Built, Inc

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“GCR Tire’s Easley South Carolina started using Pro Chem’s Extend-a-Life Envelope Lubricant a few months ago. You can use 8 to 1 on the mixture. It works great and saves you a lot of money on envelope lube, more than half the amount of the other lube. I would recommend Extend-a-Life to anybody that retreads tires. Thank you for Extending- the- Life of my budget!” -Jerry Gunter, Plant Manager at GCR Tire, Easley, SC

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Tire Release

“I want to take a moment and tell you how pleased we are with the Tire Release product. We evaluated it in several different mounting/dismounting operations and found it to be very effective at minimizing bead damage due to insufficient lubrication while at the same time being more cost effective to use. Tire Release is such an effective lubricant that it allowed us to reduce the amount used during each application without causing damage to the bead area of the tire. By using less lubricant, we have less waste and less clean up at the end of the day as well. All of this translates into nice savings. In a very competitive industry where our margins continue to be eroded, it is nice to find a product that helps add to your bottom line. Thanks for a great product.” -Sean Baird, Vice President Commercial Operations of Snider Tire, Inc

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