Pink Lotion Hand Soap 2157

Product Description

VARSITY is a lotion-based hand soap that leaves the skin soft and pleasantly scented and also aids in reducing the danger of cross infection. It removes occupational soils and odors from the skin. It contains lanolin to help prevent chapping of hands. Varsity is light bodied and free flowing soap that will not harden, gel or solidify. VARSITY’S controlled viscosity helps to prevent stoppages in dispensers. Recommended for use where individual safety and the health of others are of primary importance.

Product Features

  • High-foaming, free rinsing
  • Gentle to hands
  • No phosphates
  • Controlled viscosity
  • Pleasant almond fragrance
  • Food Processing Acceptability: E-4, Kosher certified


  • Restrooms
  • Hospitals
  • Food Service
  • Schools
  • Bars/Clubs
  • Office Buildings
  • Plants
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Directions for Use

Wet your hands and add VARSITY hand soap. Work up a good lather and then rinse hands with water.

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