Biodegradable, Vitamin-Based Grease Trap Maintainer 2416

Product Description

TRAP BUSTER utilizes Floratec Technology, which is based on the principle of using all-natural vitamins and essential minerals with existing microbes and enzymes in grease traps to revitalize dead or sluggish bacterial systems. Vitamins and minerals are essential because once the microbes become sluggish or stop working, they restimulate and enhance the whole system so digestion and efficiency is increased and maximized.

The accumulation of FOG and food waste buildup reduces the amount of water that can pass through the system. Enough FOG and food waste may block the pipe completely, preventing the water from passing through and causing stagnation. Animal and vegetable-based FOG is more difficult to treat because of its poor solubility in water and its tendency to separate from the liquid solution. This will create odors and attract flies and other pests. It will eliminate these problems and reduce pumping to a minimum of 18-month intervals.

Product Features

  • A blend of botanical extracts and vitamins
  • Reduces grease trap pumping to once every 18 months
  • Revitalizes existing microbes to perform at optimum conditions
  • Reduces flies by eliminating rancid fat, oil and grease (FOG)
  • Eliminates odors by changing the environment
  • Special wetting agents remove waste from pipes and tanks
  • Bio-based, biodegradable and all-natural, GRAS-listed ingredients


  • Grease Traps

Directions for Use

It is recommended that grease traps be pumped before initial treatment. Apply product depending on usage chart below. Pour directly into the grease trap and stir for 30 seconds.

 Trap Capacity  Amount of Trap Buster Needed
 250 gal  32 oz. (1 qt)
 500 gal  64 oz. (1/2 gal)
 750 gal  96 oz. (3/4 gal)
 1000 gal  128 oz. (1 gal)






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