System 2000

Hand Soap Dispensing System 4163

Product Description

SYSTEM 2000 is a soap dispensing system to be used with Clean-Up Lime Force Cherry Force and Fresh-N-Clean. SYSTEM 2000 soap dispensing system includes a dispenser reservoir tank, and mounting plate for use with the 4000 ml tank. This unique system provides efficient soap dispensing, due to its large capacity refill tank and the 1000 ml reservoir that reduces the time between refills. The see-through window lets you know when to change the tank. SYSTEM 2000 is economical since the refill tank is turned upside down and the soap flows down into the reservoir tank, causing the tank to completely empty with no waste. Heavy-duty dispenser with reinforced back plate allows user to mount to any wall. SYSTEM 2000 has been time-tested; therefore, the heavy-duty pump mechanism is guaranteed for life. SYSTEM 2000 is not like any other soap dispensing system. It is a no waste, no worry system for the 21st century

Product Features

  • Large capacity 4000 mL tank reduces refill cycles
  • See-through window lets you know when refill is necessary
  • No-waste system saves product and labor
  • Accepts refill quickly as you invert container and slide it into locking position which breaks the foil seal
  • When window lets you know refill is necessary you still have 1000 mL of product in the reservoir tank

Directions for Use

(Complete directions on product label.)
Mount back plate to wall. Lock dispenser with reservoir into mounted plate. Turn refill tank upside down and slide into plate position, which breaks the foil seal. Product flows into reservoir, emptying completely during use with no waste. When empty refill tank needs to be changed, a full 1000 ml of product will be left in reservoir.

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