Rim Cages With Deodorizer Bar & Blue Cleaner 3219101

Product Description

These uniquely designed rim cages provide a continual blue cleaning solution that leaves the surrounding area smelling fresh. With its unique “after-flow” holder, RING AWAY releases the cleaner, deodorizer and fragrance as the toilet bowl refills without running down the side of the bowl or streaking.

Product Features

  • Controls “ring-around-the-bowl”
  • Provides continuous blue cleaning solution
  • Free of surfactants known as APEs and NPEs
  • Non-para and biodegradable
  • Fits most toilets and deodorize up to 1,500 flushes
  • Blocks are acid-free, water-soluble and 100% biodegradable
  • Cherry fragrance


  • Toilet Bowls

Directions for Use

Snap over toilet bowl rim. Move forward or backward until maximum water flow goes over cage.