Red Hot

Granular Sewer Solvent 3405

Product Description

RED HOT is an alkaline granular compound used to open sewers and drains. It is a combination of chemical and metallic chips that react with water to create considerable heat and agitation. This action readily dissolves greasy deposits, leaves and other blockages that obstruct sewer lines. Reaches maximum temperature in 1 minute 30 seconds (215°F) and sustains temperature of at least 180°F for 7 minutes allowing RED HOT to give complete clean out.

Not for use in septic tanks.

Product Features

  • 8% aluminum
  • Ready to use
  • Liquefies grease, leaves, oil, rags, paper and other organic material that may cause blockages
  • Creates chemical agitation to dislodge debris
  • Harmless to sewer lines
  • Color coded red for tracing
  • Food Processing Acceptability: L1


  • Sewers
  • Drains

Directions for Use

  • Wear protective gloves, face mask, splash proof goggles and other protective clothing to avoid eye or skin contact
  • Pour small amount into drain at manhole opening, making sure all precautions are taken to avoid injury.
  • After 15 minutes, run plenty of water through drain.
  • Use sewer solvent at regular intervals to keep sewers open.

Do not stand over opening after pouring in the solution; do not add hot water. Do not use around open flame.

Warning: Careless use can cause severe burns to skin and eyes.

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