Aerosol Metal Parts Protector and Battery Terminal Coater 1728

Product Description

PROTECT-O-FLEX guards against damage caused by rain, humidity, chemical fume, oxidation and salt water. Protects surfaces and battery terminals for several months with a special water displacing corrosion inhibitor. Remains intact during flexing or expansion and contraction of base metal. Curtails battery leakage and extends battery life. PROTECT-O-FLEX works great on exposed equipment and parts in transit. Coating can easily be removed with mineral spirits or safety solvents.

Do not use on painted parts.

Product Features

  • Seals metal parts against corrosion and rust
  • Ozone safe
  • Effective from -40°F to +175°F
  • Nontacky, flexible film
  • Nonchlorinated
  • Easily removed with safety solvent
  • Will not flake, crack, peel or become brittle


  • Marine Equipment
  • Undercoating
  • Tools
  • Dyes
  • Jigs in Storage
  • Drill Pipes
  • Cable
  • Chain
  • Farm Machinery
  • Castings
  • Bearings
  • Valves
  • Stampings
  • Housings
  • Large Molds

Directions for Use

Clean object by removing rust, dirt, grease, oil and debris. Spray a thin, even coat over the entire surface and allow 5 minutes to set up.  For more severe conditions, a second coat may be applied within several minutes. Complete setting of protective coating takes at least two hours.  Can be flushed off easily with mineral spirits or safety solvent.

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