Pro Tools MP Penetrant Lubricant

Multipurpose Penetrant, Lubricant and Demoisturant 1496

Product Description

PRO TOOLS MP PENETRANT LUBRICANT is an advanced technology multipurpose lubricant/demoisturant. It masterfully performs the four primary functions of penetrating, lubricating, corrosion prevention, and demoisturization/water displacement. This formula is fortified with synthetic base oil for penetration, and PTFE for superior lubricity. It is used to displace water and moisture from electrical equipment such as contact points and auto distributors, machinery parts, guns and equipment.

Product Features

  • Protects against corrosion
  • Nonflammable
  • Conforms to Military Specification Mil-C-23411 for corrosion prevention
  • Nonconductive up to 37KV
  • Contains no ozone depleting agents
  • Excellent rust buster


  • Electric Motors and Contacts
  • Schools
  • Engine Distributors
  • Service Stations
  • Machine Shops
  • Factories
  • Airlines
  • Air Maintenance Shops
  • Truck Lines
  • Delivery Services
  • Transit Systems

Directions for Use

Keep actuator pointed towards dot on valve cup. Remove cap. Direct spray toward area to be treated and spray liberally until all moisture is rinsed away. This will also leave a protective coating to repel moisture. Repeat as needed. Can also be used to loosen rusty nuts and bolts.

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