Ready to Dilute Portion Control Package Neutral Cleaner 2885

Product Description

POWER POUCH NEUTRAL CLEANER is a mild concentrated neutral pH floor cleaner designed for mopping floors and for cleaning all washable surfaces. It contains no caustic, abrasive or any harsh ingredients that mar fine floor finishes. This product dissolves completely in cold water and works equally well in hard or soft water. It leaves floors sparkling clean without a film or streaks. Packaged in source-reduced plastic packs, it is formulated to meet published standards of environmentally preferable industrial and institutional cleaners. These standards require low levels of human and aquatic toxicity, high levels of biodegradability and performance and reduced smog production potential.

Product Features

  • Cost control - reduced transportation cost, and storage cost, with no waste
  • Dilution control - each pouch guarantees the correct dilution ratio
  • Completely soluble in hard and soft water
  • Dispenser free portion control - just open a pouch & pour; no measuring, no over use
  • Saves labor - easy to handle packages
  • Recognized by the U.S. EPA’s “Safer Choice” program for safer chemistry
  • Nontoxic and biodegradable

Areas of Use

  • Institutions
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Clinics
  • Schools
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Factories

Directions for Use

Mix each pack with 2 gallons of cold water for light-duty floor cleaning.

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