Urinal Screen With 30-Day Deodorizing Capacity 3314

Product Description

PEE WEE is a urinal screen designed to prevent drains from clogging and to keep urinals clean and smelling fresh. Each block contains over 3 billion enzyme-producing biocultures that destroy odor-producing organic materials. PEE WEE urinal screens feature a raised holder to keep deodorant block dry, which lengthens block life. It is made from pliable plastic to fit the contour of any urinal, and offers break-off hooks for easy, sanitary replacement.

Product Features

  • Contains no petroleum byproducts
  • Cleans and softens water
  • Prevents splash
  • Powered enzymes help keep drains open and free flowing
  • Food Processing Acceptability: C1


  • Urinals

Directions for Use

Drop blocks in urinals to control odors.

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