Methylene Chloride-Free Dry Anti-Seize Lubricant 2137005

Product Description

MOLY-LUB BULK II is a methylene chloride free dry film lubricant offering superior, long-lasting performance. Molybdenum graphite anti-seize dry coating resists dust and abrasive particles. Withstands water, oil, alkalies and most acids. Forms a strong bond to metal—will not wipe off easily. May be used at higher temperatures—will not carbonize. Formula is more readily accepted by safety directors. May be used as a release agent.

Product Features

  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Non-chlorinated, non-corrosive, non-conductive
  • Temperature Range -40°F to +662°F
  • Adheres to metal, glass, rubber and most plastics
  • Resists pressures up to 250,000 psi
  • Resists dust and abrasive particles
  • Will not wipe off easily—chemically attracted to metal
  • Permits immediate use of chain or gear after application
  • Will not run off part to which applied, requires less frequent lubrication
  • Can be used at higher temperatures and will not carbonize
  • Withstands water, oils, alkalies and most acids
  • Replaces graphite
  • Cleaner application

For Use On

  • Lathe Bed & Rails
  • Pipe Threads
  • Road Equipment
  • Pump Assemblies
  • Door, Locks & Hinges
  • Turbines
  • Oil Drilling Equipment
  • Chains & Sprockets

For Use By

  • Foundries
  • Automotive Plants
  • Sewing Trades
  • Steel Mills
  • Machine Shops
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Chemical Plants
  • Shipyards
  • Paper & Corrugated Converting
  • Marine, Oil Fields & Mining Operations

Directions for Use

Shake or mix container well before using. Clean surface thoroughly. Apply a thin, even film by spraying or brushing. Thick coats decrease efficiency. Dries in 1 to 3 minutes. Allow to cure 30 minutes before exposing to water.

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