Headlight Cleaner and Restorer 2697

Product Description

HI-BEAM is a new non-abrasive plastic cleaner and protectant that removes the buildup of soil, grime, stains and yellowing quickly and easily from all headlight lenses. HI-BEAM also protects headlight lenses with a protective “barrier” coating against re-soiling, yellowing and adhesion and buildup of frost, snow, ice, salt, mud, bugs and grime for easy removal. HI-BEAM improves lens clarity and driving visibility and safety for up to 1 year. This storage-stable, solvent-free product is non-toxic to users and is earth safe.

Product Features

  • Cleans, protects and restores headlights
  • Safely removes hazing, discoloration and stains
  • Brightens light for improved clarity and visibility
  • Improves visibility with clearer headlight lenses
  • Can be used on plastic and glass


  • Glass
  • Plastic

Directions for Use

  1. Wash headlight lenses to remove debris.
  2. Apply product to damp cloth and carefully massage on lens surface using overlapping motion until clear and smooth.
  3. Wipe lens with dry cloth until polished. Do not apply to dry surface.

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