60 Day Urinal Screen 3894

Product Description

Fresh Shield Max urinal screens reduce odors for up to 60 days and fits most urinal shapes and sizes. This unique, triple action design offers both a dual fragrance as well as enzyme protection. Losing sensitivity to smells from over exposure, also known as fragrance fatigue, is a common experience when a single fragrance is used. This new design offers a large surface area which provides the initial fragrance delivery and the central core is designed to not only provide the secondary fragrance, but to also reduce bacteria. With the production of enzymes from the naturally occurring bacteria, organic matter and scale build-up is reduced. Use of this screen will make uric salt more soluble, breaking it down so that it flushes through the system rather than creating a blockage.

Product Features

  • Triple action urinal screen
  • Enzyme block built in to design
  • Fragrance lasts up to 60 days
  • Deep bubble and bristle design for optimum splash back protection
  • Flexible EVA lattice core sits comfortably in any urinal
  • Large grip pad
  • Unique bubble and bristle design allows water drainage
  • Helps prevent blockages in urinals and uric salt build up in pipes


  • Urinals

Directions for Use

Place it in the urinal with the bristles facing up. These long protrusions will help prevent splash back.

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