Product Description

EXTEND-A-LIFE RTU is a lubricant used on the “envelopes”, which encase the tire being retreaded prior to going into a retread chamber. It will prevent the tires from, sticking to the envelopes, reducing tears and wear on the J-hook assemblies. This envelope acts as a seal which tightens around the tire casing while the retread rubber cures within the chamber.

Product Features

  • No mixing required
  • Ready-to-use
  • Conditions envelopes
  • Reduces sticking
  • Reduces tears due to tugging on envelope
  • Reduces wear and tear on J-hook assemblies


  • Retread Plants

Directions for Use

Using a sprayer (hand held or 2 gallon with wand), apply directly to hot envelopes when removed from chamber. Apply a light coat. The heat will allow the lubricant to evaporate quickly leaving the envelope lubricated without being messy.

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