Oil-Based Sweeping Compound 3110

Product Description

EASY SWEEP is an oil-based sweeping compound for use on unfinished concrete, metal and wood floors. Our sweeping compound is 100% “grit free” which ensures that you get more floor space coverage per container. It is extremely easy to use, as it can be sprinkled on the floor in front of the broom, and as the broom pushes it along it controls dust and leaves no debris behind.

Product Features

  • Kiln dried “White Pine” sawdust
  • 100% Grit free, contains no “Grit Fillers”
  • Controls dust
  • Deodorizes
  • Can be used on concrete, wood and metal surfaces
  • Brightly colored for “miss” free sweeping


  • Warehouses
  • Stock Rooms
  • Storage Areas

Directions for Use

For the most effective and economical control of your dust problem, sprinkle EASY SWEEP generously in front of broom on areas to be swept.
Product should be applied to floor surface and swept up immediately as surface could become slippery if applied for extended periods of time.

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