High Speed Floor Shine Restorer 2115

Product Description

DAZZLE is a high speed, dilutable finish restorer that prolongs the life of a floor finish and restores that “wet look.” Formulated with solvents that soften the finish and facilitate the abrasive action of the pad. Itcan also be used as a one step floor cleaner/restorer when using an Automatic Scrubber.

Product Features

  • For use on finished resilient floors
  • Restores wet look without having to rewax
  • Extends the life of floor finish
  • Contains a combination of cleaning agents and polymers
  • Quickly and easily removes deep scuffs and scratches
  • One-step cleaning and restoring


  • Dirt
  • Oil
  • Grease

Directions for Use

Mop-on/Burnish Restoring: Dilute one (1) part DAZZLE to three (3) parts water. Mop one thin coat of diluted product directly onto floor. Can also be diluted into a quart bottle and sprayed on the floor.  Allow to dry completely and burnish with ultra high speed buffer.

One Step Cleaning/Restoring using Automatic Scrubber: Dilute 2-4 ounces DAZZLE to one gallon water.  Use soft poly brush or the least aggressive burnishing pad such as white or champagne.

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