Two-Component, Epoxy Resurfacer for Concrete 2123

Product Description

This two-component, clear epoxy coating is specifically designed as a resurfacer for pitted, spalled, cracked or damaged concrete. CRACK FILLER is also an excellent heavy-duty chemical resistant coating for long-term protection of concrete surfaces. It exhibits excellent clarity with good chemical wear and abrasion resistance.

Product Features

  • Contains no solvents
  • Crystal clear
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Extremely effective for heavy traffic
  • Self leveling


  • Concrete

Directions for Use

Thoroughly clean and rinse floors. Floors must be dry and free of all dust, soils and other foreign matter. Add Part B into Part A container and mix thoroughly using a “Jiffy” type mixer mounted on an electric drill. Scrape sides and bottom of container. Mix for 3-5 minutes. Pour mixture and spread evenly onto surface. Crack Filler can be applied using a squeegee, roller or trowel.

WARNING: Considerable heat may be generated upon mixing components. Wear gloves when handling. Pot life is approximately 15-20 minutes at 75°F. Mix no more of the material than can easily be applied in that time frame.

COVERAGE: 250 Sq. Ft. @ 6 mils

DRY TIME: Tack free in 2-3 hours at 75°F and dry for light use in 8-12 hours depending on temperature and drying conditions. Reaches full abrasion and chemical resistance in 7 days.

TOOL CLEANUP: Tools and equipment may be cleaned with xylene before pot life expires.

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