Con Seal

Quick Drying Polyurethane Concrete and Wood Sealer 2100

Product Description

CON SEAL is a specially formulated resinous finish that will give excellent penetration and a glossy protection to concrete floors. Easily applied, it has excellent leveling and coverage characteristics. Lightness of color and quick drying time make CON SEAL especially desirable. By sealing and toughening the surface, it prevents dusting, soiling and staining. CON SEAL changes the concrete floor into a smooth, glossy, non-porous surface that cuts sweeping and general maintenance time drastically. Can be used on new or old concrete floors, however, new concrete must cure 90 days before using.

Product Features

  • Oil modified polyurethane
  • Dries quickly
  • Resists acid, alkalies, salts, gasoline, corrosive gases and alcohol
  • Excellent durability and chemical resistance
  • Provides high gloss finish
  • High solids 28.5%
  • Ready to use


  • Concrete floors
  • Wood floors

Directions for Use

For concrete floors: New concrete floors must age a minimum of 90 days before applying this product. 1) Floors should be cleaned with a wire brush and suitable cleaners and strippers to remove all grease oil, wax and other foreign materials. 2) If concrete is smooth with little or no roughness, an acid etch is recommended. The acid etch should produce the “feel of medium grade sandpaper” on the concrete surface. The acid etch should follow the cleaning operation and eliminates the need
for a vinegar rinse. Rinse thoroughly and pick up with wet vacuum if possible. 3) Allow the floor to dry at least 24 hours or until it is thoroughly dry. 4) Apply one to two coats with roller or lamb’s wool
applicator. Allow 6 to 8 hour dry between coats. 5) Allow 12 hours dry after second coat and before subjecting floor to traffic.

Do not apply paint over CON SEAL, as paint will not adhere. Do not use on asphalt or rubber tile.

Coverage: Approx. 300 ft2 per gallon

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