Condensation Line & Pan Cleaner 3226107

Product Description

COOL FLO is an easy-to-use gunk and scale remover. It quickly cleans condensate lines and pans and can be used on tankless water heaters as a scale remover.

Product Features

  • Effective on condensate pumps, A/C drain pans & drain line
  • Flush tankless water heaters
  • Cleans ice machines
  • Effective on sugar snakes
  • Removes gunk & scale
  • Quick cleaning, easy to use formula – pour & go
  • Biodegradable & user friendly
  • Made in USA


  • Condensate Pumps
  • Drain Lines
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Ice Machines
  • Sugar Snakes
  • A/C Drain Pans & Drain Lines

Directions for Use

To flush out a tankless water heater, scale removal:
Mix 8 oz with a gallon of water and flush for 30 minutes.

For Condensate Pumps: Pour 8oz directly into pump and allow the pump to run and flush
the Cool Flo through the drain line. Repeat every 6 months.

For A/C Drain Pans and Drain Lines: Pour ½ of recommended dosage (see chart) to the
far end on the drain pan and the other ½ to the drain line. Repeat at least every 6 months or
during each PM.

Dosage for A/C Units:
Size of Unit Dosage (1-2 times per year)
2 – 10 ton unit 8 ounces
10 – 20 ton unit 12 ounces
20 – 30+ ton unit 16 ounces
100 ton unit 32 ounces
200 ton unit 64 ounces
300 ton unit 128 ounces

For 300 Ton Water Chilled Cooling Tower: Recommended dosage is 1 gallon (128 oz) of Cool Flo. Pour 64 oz at head and the remaining 64 oz at the drain line entrance.

For Tankless Water Heaters: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the unit being
flushed. The process should be relatively similar for each one. Mix 8oz Cool Flo with a gallon
of water and pump for 20-30 minutes.

For Ice Machines: Pour 8oz directly into the drain line through the vent port at the rear of
the machine once every 6 months.

For Sugar Snakes: Pour 4oz 1 time per week in the drain pan under the nozzles.

Tankless Cleaning Process:
Items needed: 8oz Cool Flo, circulation pump, 2 hoses (washing machine hoses work great),
bucket that will hold at least 4-5 gallons, and a pair of pliers.
Turn off the gas and unplug the power.
Turn off the isolation valves (hot and cold). Remove caps from the service ports. Attach 1
hose to the inlet side (cold water) and 1 hose to the outlet side (hot water) service ports. This
will isolate the heater from the house.
Attach the other side of the inlet hose to the outlet side of your circulating pump. Place the
pump into the bucket. Take the other side of the outlet hose and drop it into the bucket.
Add 1-gallon of water and 8oz of Cool Flo to the bucket. Leaving the isolation valves closed,
open the inlet and outlet service port valves. Plug up your pump and let the product circulate
for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, unplug the pump. Remove the inlet hose and cap off the inlet. Let the
water drain out of the outlet hose so you can empty the bucket. Return the outlet hose (hot
water) to the empty bucket. Open the outlet valve and then the inlet valve to flush the system
with clean water. Fill the bucket 2-3 times so no product is left in the tank. Turn off the inlet
valve. Turn off the outlet valve. Remove the outlet hose and cap the outlet port. Open the
isolation valves. Connect the heater to the power source and turn the gas back on.

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