Aerosol Degreaser, Spot Remover, and Deodorizer 1424

Product Description

CITRA-SOLV AEROSOL is a remarkable natural solvent degreaser that represents an exclusive new approach in one-step degreasing and deodorizing. This non-acid, noncorrosive cleaner provides a multitude of added values such as odor control and the removal of tar and asphalt from most hard surfaces. CITRA-SOLV’s multipurpose formula effectively strips grease and heavy oil deposits from practically any surface.

Product Features

  • Concentrated natural solvent degreaser
  • 80% d-Limonene
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance
  • Non-corrosive, non-acid
  • Rinsing not required
  • Removes stubborn grease, oils and adhesives
  • Heavy-duty for industrial applications


  • Clean fuel Deposits
  • Degrease Trucks
  • Detar Vehicles
  • Remove Printer Ink
  • Remove Tire Marks
  • Remove Soap Scum
  • Remove Decals
  • Clean Equipment
  • Remove Adhesive
  • Clean Motors
  • Clean Ovens and Grills
  • Laundry Prespotter
  • Carpet Spot Treater
  • Remove Makeup Stains
  • Upholstery Stains


Directions for Use

Remove protective cap and direct spray toward surface to be cleaned. Always hold container upright. Apply liberally to surface to be cleaned, and allow to stand for 30 seconds then wipe with a cloth or sponge. When cleaning fabrics, always test in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness.

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Food Processing Acceptability: C1