Aerosol Rapid Freezing Penetrant Lubricant 1708

Product Description

By combining rapid freezing action with an advanced, rust eating formula, Pro Chem has developed the latest breakthrough in penetrating lubricant technology. The rapid freezing action produces shrinkage of sprayed parts to quickly break open micro-fine crevices, allowing the lubricant to easily penetrate even the toughest rust. CHILL OUT then dissolves and converts rust, making the job a snap and future maintenance repair easier as well.

Product Features

  • Freezing action breaks open rust barrier
  • Nonconductive to 33,000 volts for use around live equipment
  • Ultra-low VOC content
  • No chlorinated solvents, no ozone depleters
  • Up/down valve to spray in any position
  • Converts rust to black liquid
  • Innovative XA-17 TM rust eating technology dissolves rust
  • Protects against renewed corrosion


  • Exhaust Flanges
  • Marine Applicators
  • Rusted Manifold Bolts
  • Industrial Applications
  • Outdoor Exposed Equipment
  • Farm Equipment

Directions for Use

Note: Sudden temperature drop can result in “thermal shock”, which may cause crazing of some plastics and paint. While appropriate for use on many plastics and painted surfaces, always test in an inconspicuous area before general use. Accumulated vapors from this product may reach ignition condition in confined spaces. Always use with adequate ventilation.


Shake well before using. Insert extension tube provided. Spray liberally for 5-10 seconds on surface to be lubricated. Target the bolt, nut, or part and limit the amount of contact to the surrounding area. Wait 30 seconds to allow temperature reduction and to facilitate penetration. Loosen or remove part. Repeat if necessary.

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