Aerosol Brake Parts Cleaner 1111001

Product Description

The high-quality product can be applied to brake discs, drums, as well as CV joints to lift and wash grease, oil, soil, fluids and contaminants without disassembly of brake system. The high-pressure system (100 psi) improved the cleaning action and the blend of solvents will not leave a residue. Dries quickly.

Product Features

  • Non-chlorinated
  • High pressure (100#) solvent cleaner
  • For all brake parts and CV joints
  • Degreasing agents leave no residue
  • No CFCs
  • Featuring a powerful flush action valve


  • Brake Discs
  • Drums
  • CV Joints

Directions for Use

Shake well before using. Point spray head towards part. Apply generously to the work surface to be treated. Attach extension tube to pinpoint application. Allow to either air dry or wipe dry with a soft cloth.
NOTE: If used on painted or plastic surfaces, it is recommended that the product be tested in a remote area to insure compatibility.

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