Aerosol Corrosion Inhibitor 1208001

Product Description

PROTECT-O-SHIELD will prevent rust and corrosion on all metal parts. Affords long term protection for indoor storage. Excellent for protecting materials while in transit. A 2 or 3 mil coating will provide protection for indoor storage for up to 2 years. Film is transparent, easy to see through. Can be removed by washing with kerosene or mineral spirits. Once removed, parts can be painted.

Product Features

  • Non-drying formula
  • Long term rust preventative lubricant
  • Prevents rust and corrosion on metal parts
  • Excellent in protecting materials while in transit
  • Long protection for indoor storage


  • Machine Parts
  • Tools
  • Casting
  • Winches
  • Pipe Threads
  • Jigs
  • Stamped Metal Parts
  • Riggings
  • Cables
  • Hoists
  • Pulleys

Directions for Use

Product is most effective when parts are clean and free of rust, scale or dirt. Remove protective cap. Point opening in spray tip towards part to be coated. Holding can 8 to 10 inches from part, spray 2 or 3 mil coat with a slow sweeping motion. Completely wet surface.

*To remove the Protect-O-Shield, use mineral spirits, kerosene or a light solvent.

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