Aerosol Spray-On Rubber Coating 1458

Product Description

ARMOR GUARD is a waterproof, flexible and permanent rubber coating that will act as a barrier against moisture-causing rust and corrosion even when totally submerged. It can be applied to provide a rubberized body that conforms to any surface. This product is ideal for use as an insulator for electricity. A properly applied 1/8” thick coating can withstand up to 9,500 volts. A 1/16” coating can withstand 4750 volts. The volume resistance of this material makes it ideal for use on terminals to protect against corrosion and moisture. It can also be used as an insulator in connection boxes and exterior wire connections. ARMOR GUARD is intended for use in areas not exposed to sunlight.

Product Features

  • Forms a protective dielectric seal on electrical connections and also helps eliminate loosening of connections due to vibration
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Dries in minutes to a crystal clear rubber
  • Clear color allows for easy visual inspection of all wires when dry
  • Includes inhibitors to resist mold and mildew
  • Inert to salt, water, alkaline, pollutants and some petroleum products
  • 1 mil of ARMOR GUARD has the dielectric properties to withstand 75 volts


  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Electrical Panels
  • Exposed Metal
  • General Waterproofing
  • Electrical Connections
  • Phone and Cable Circuits
  • Circuit Boards
  • Garden Equipment
  • Pool Equipment

Directions for Use

Shake well for 30 seconds. Apply to clean dry surfaces. Hold can 6-8 inches from object. Spray in short, even bursts until thoroughly coated. Let dry for 15 minutes before use. If using on circuit boards or electrical connections, let dry for one hour before activating. Clean up or remove with paint thinner.

Intended for use in areas not exposed to sunlight.

11 oz can covers approximately 60 sq ft.

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