Two-Part, Epoxy Anchoring System 2447

Product Description

ANCHOR-IT is a two-component, 100% solids, rapid setting, epoxy anchoring system packaged in easy-to-use 300 mL dual cartridges. This unique cartridge assures the correct portioning and thorough mixing of the epoxy, which is color-coded to assure that mixing is complete. It has a wide variety of uses, including setting of machine anchor bolts for load bearing applications. ANCHOR-IT adhesive and repair cartridge system is dispensed with #4225 cartridge handgun. This handheld, manually operated gun provides a convenient, cost effective method to accurately apply product with minimum waste.

Product Features

  • Cartridge dispensing system assures correct ratio will be maintained
  • Conforms to Grade 3, Class A, Type I, IV, & V of ASTM C881
  • Non-sag
  • Non-abrasive
  • May be applied to dry or damp concrete or in humid conditions
  • Pull out strength exceeds 12,000 psi
  • Two 300 mL cartridges mix to make 600 mL of epoxy


  • Dowel Bars
  • Rebar
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Bonding Hardened Concrete
  • Binder for Epoxy Materials
  • Sealing Cracks

Directions for Use

Remove top caps and attach mixing nozzle and relating nuts. If using air compression, do not allow air pressure to exceed 65 PSI.

Pot life: 5-10 minutes

Mix ratio: 1:1

Shelf life: 1 year
Tensile strength is >8000 psi

Do not apply when temperature is below 33°F, or to latex-modified mortar or latex-modified concrete.

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