Non-Acid Aluminum and Coil Cleaner 2956

Product Description

ALUMIN-NU is a safe alternative to hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids. It is not corrosive to skin, making it easy to work with. As an aluminum cleaner and brightener, ALUMIN-NU has outstanding calcium, lime scale and silicate-deposit removal properties. It quickly removes corrosion and oxidation, leaving surfaces bright and clean. It can be used on almost all aluminum. As a coil cleaner, it removes dust, dirt, grime, grease, and oxidation from aluminum or copper coils as well as fins of cooling units and air conditioners. Using ALUMIN-NU regularly to clean coils keeps your equipment running more efficiently and consuming less power.

Product Features

  • Safe alternative to hydrofluoric & sulfuric acid cleaners
  • Cleans and brightens corroded and oxidized aluminum
  • Not DOT regulated
  • No EPCRA risk management plan filing required
  • Non-phosphorus

Use on Aluminum Surfaces

  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Trailer Bodies
  • Boats
  • Building Materials
  • Aluminum and Copper Coils
  • Cooling Units and Air Conditioner Fans
  • Exterior Surfaces

Available Sizes

  • 1 Gallon
  • 30-Gallon Drum (special order)
  • 55-Gallon Drum (special order)

Directions for Use

Complete directions can be found on the product label.

Dilute 1 part cleaner with up to 5 parts water. Brush or swab onto surface then rinse with water.

Do not use on anodized aluminum. Always test in an inconspicuous area before using.

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