Wherever people gather to work or play there is a need for the maintenance, repair and sanitation products we offer.

A listing of the types of industrial, institutional, commercial and governmental clients who regularly solve their maintenance and repair problems by choosing a Pro Chem, Inc. solution is provided below, along with the testimonials of several satisfied Pro Chem clients.

“We were using 25 pails a month of a cutting oil. After trying Pro Chem’s Kool It #2, we are more than satisfied! It is superior to what we were using. We are now only using 6 pails a month. It saves us over $20K a year! Great product and fabulous service!” – Daryl, Warehouse Manager

“School districts share a common concern to ensure drivers are available to cover routes. Driver absence due to colds and flues deepen that burden. Therefore, our transportation department took a proactive roll in researching for a success that would reduce driver absences. Observation of the drivers with high attendance was the obvious starting point to study. Drivers who routinely cleaned their school bus interior had very few absences. Further examination revealed that not all drivers completely disinfected their bus every day. The irregular sanitizing of the bus interior became the focus. Our exploring moved forward to have a self-santizing bus using a resolution safe for all its passengers. Study period on driver absentee expanded over a four year period. It was soon discovered that January – March were the months with the highest cold and flu related issues with 4 – 5 absences per day. We requested Pro-Chem to assist us. The solution came in a timed, intermittent dispensing unit as outlined on the attachment. Timed sanitizers installed on every school bus in the fourth year produced astonishing results. Absentee, due to common colds and flues, plummeted to one occasional person absent. The installed sanitizer did not replace a good interior cleaning. Rather, it greatly assisted the operation with reduced absentee and ensured a healthier ride enviroment. I am sure other districts may find this information invaluable.” – Sam, Director of Transportation

“We have been using Corrosion Inhibitors for about 2 years now and have only needed to replace them 3 times. They have kept the moisture out of our control boxes. In the past we had problems with moisture and corrosion building up because we are so close to the ocean. The corrosion inhibitor definitely absorbs the moisture in the closed boxes eliminating the elements needed for corrosion to form. This has saved us a lot of rewiring.” Dan, Fuel Chain Engineer

“I have been with the company for almost 17 years now and I just used that Truex Aerosol we bought from you for the first time! I used it on a big drive chain that we have and it’s the best that I have ever used or seen as far as that goes!” – Chris, Mechanic

“I wanted to send a letter to express my satisfaction with the herbicide we have purchased from you. I have never used a product as effective and easy to use as Ureabor. We have no weed control problem now that we have switched to this product. The application process only takes two days for eleven substations and two pole yards. There is no need for follow up applications. This product last the entire year. In the past we used a local applicator company who sprayed the yards. They were cheaper, but were required to return several times a year throughout the year. In the long run we are much better off spraying the Ureabor ourselves and forgetting the headaches of outside contractors.”– Brent, Electric Substation Supervisor