“The desire to have my own business led me to Pro Chem. The drive to build my business for the future for me and my family with unlimited income and a partnership environment from the office has never let me have a bad day at work!  (This opportunity is definitely for) those who want to build a future, not just collect a paycheck.”    ~ Jack employed since 2004

“When I applied for a position as an outside sales rep with Pro Chem never in my wildest dreams did I expect to enjoy the type of career I have been blessed to have.  Having zero experience didn’t matter as long as I was willing to study and learn.  I have enjoyed a super lucrative career with management opportunities and total access to the President and CEO.  I cannot tell you enough…if you want a career with no limits on your income or potential and you are willing to work hard and learn your products and the industries we represent…then Pro Chem is for you!  It was for me and I am thankful daily for what this company has afforded me both personally and professionally”    ~ Karen employed since 1992


“One of the major benefits is that it’s like you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Your territory is there for you to build and service but you have a full support staff at your disposal. Pro Chem is also like a second family. Everyone is close and cares about each other not only on a business level but also on a personal level.  Warren and Randy truly care about their employees and their success.  I can’t imagine ever working anywhere else.”   ~ Sheila employed since 2004

“For me, it was important to work for a company that rewarded me for my hard work with not only bonuses and luxurious trips but handwritten notes of recognition.   Also very important to me was working for bosses with integrity. They have always taken care of my customers, treated me fairly and never asked me to do something that would be considered immoral or unethical. I tell people all the time, that as long as I am working, I want to have this job. If you have a strong work ethic and like to build relationships with people, this is the company for you.”     ~ Cathy employed since 1990

“After having left Pro Chem for a short period (10 months) I realized the cliché , ‘the grass isn’t always greener’ is true.  I took another sales job promising higher pay, a more flexible schedule, and future advancement within a growing company. But after a short time away, I returned. I missed the administrative support (Pro Chem’s is second to none), and I missed the overall positive sales experiences that a Pro Chem rep enjoys. There is no pressure, the clients and customers are a joy to be around, and the potential of making great money is at my disposal every day. I can honestly say that I LOVE my job. I learned quickly that there is no other place for me to be working than Pro Chem   ~ Mary employed since 2005

“After working for a large corporation, I was looking for a smaller privately held company to work for and Pro Chem was a perfect fit. I have always viewed Pro Chem as an honest, ethical company that puts family first, not to mention the opportunity for success is unlimited!!! I was truly blessed the day Pro Chem came into my life.”~ Mary employed since 2000