High Strength Permanent Threadlocker 2478

Product Description

THREADLOCKER PC 271 is a high strength adhesive for locking and sealing all fasteners up to 1” in diameter. It is used where severe applications are evident or for tamper-proofing where a difficult removal is desired. It is especially suited for permanently locking studs and press fits. Curing occurs only when adhesive is confined between mating surfaces. The cured adhesive will withstand temperatures up to 300°F and exposure to most fuels, lubricants and most industrial gases. Requires extra or special tools for removal. Suitable for fasteners up to 1” diameter. Performs well on aluminum, steel, plated fasteners, stainless steel and special alloy parts.

Product Features

  • Prevents movement of screw threads & eliminates self-loosening in areas where shock and vibration may be present
  • Seals against leakage
  • Prevents threads from rust and corrosion
  • Eliminates double nutting and/or welding of critical assemblies
  • Good temperature stability
  • Solvent resistant
  • Conforms to MIL-S-46163A, ASTM D-5363, NSF


  • Locking and Sealing
  • Nuts On Ice Crushers
  • Bearing Retainers Nuts On Conveyors
  • Studs Into Marine Motor Housing
  • Cylinder Liner Studs
  • Door Closer Plugs
  • Automobile Front Suspension Bolts
  • Water Pump Studs and Nuts
  • Snow Plow Blade Bolts
  • Hydraulic Press Studs (large diameter)

Directions for Use

Ensure parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease. Twist off white over cap and snip nozzle to desired length. Hand apply from the bottle onto threaded parts and assemble. High strength special tools are required for removal.  The application of heat may be required to assist in removal.

Fixture speed: 15-20 minutes at 72°F
Full cure time: 24 hours at 72°F

Shelf life: 18 months from date of manufacture if stored at 72°F
Operating temperature: -60°F to +300°F

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