Vehicle Snow Rake with Handle 4169

Product Description

The molded head is made of industrial grade polyethylene foam that endures harsh conditions and hundreds of vehicle clearings. SNO-PRO is approved for use on Class A finishes and received the highest ratings possible from an independent testing lab for non-abrasiveness, freeze resistance and durability. Manufactured with standard threads, SNO-PRO comes with a sturdy handle featuring die-cast metal threads.

Dealership lot crews work faster and more efficiently because SNO-PRO’s 5¾” x 17″ molded head and high-impact face plate weighs only 8 ounces. The light weight avoids costly damage to antennae and accessories that a heavier broom can cause.

Product Features

  • Enables dealerships to clear hundreds of vehicles completely, quickly and without scratching paint or damaging accessories
  • Lightweight head and handle enable more efficient snow removal
  • 4 foot handle for maximum reach on full size vehicles


  • Auto dealers
  • Municipal agencies
  • Utility company fleets
  • Park ‘n fly lots
  • Valet services
  • Bus garages

Product Specifications

  • Heads- 5 ¾” x 17”, weighs 8 oz.
  • Handle- 4’ long

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