Microfiber Towels

Product Features

  • Nontoxic - no harmful chemicals, fumes or vapors
  • Environmentally friendly - reusable and long-lasting, can be laundered over 500 times at 90°C using a standard detergent
  • Allergen friendly - magnetically attracts dust, eliminates flying dust particles
  • Ideal for stainless steel, counters, glass, porcelain and more
  • Ultra gentle - extremely fine microfiber leaves zero scratches, streaks or marks
  • Microfiber has 10x the surface area of normal fibers, creating a very high absorbency rate
  • 16” x 16”, 250 g. weight

Different color cloths allow for a color coded system, which prevents cross-contamination, assures employee safety, and provides a healthy environment.

The industry standard for color-coding is:

  • Green: Cafeteria and Food Surface. Use in the following areas: food prep, counters, service areas, tables, dishwashing, vending areas. All non-porous surfaces.
  • Blue: General Purpose. Use on windows, glass, mirrors and polished surfaces, electronics, countertops, furniture, doors and handles.
  • Red: For restroom use. Use on toilets and urinals, bath stalls and doors, and toilet splash areas.
  • Yellow: For restroom and break room use. Use on countertops, sinks, walls, partitions and dispensers.

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