Wastewater & Sewer Deodorizer 2395

Product Description

LEMON DROP is a water-based deodorizer that contains no harmful solvents, making it perfect for use when you do not want the bacterial action in digesters, septic tanks and drain fields disturbed. Its powerful formula quickly and effectively controls obnoxious odors in sewage plants, lagoons, mains and laterals and other wastewater facilities. It has a pleasant, lemon fragrance that is powerful enough to quickly knock out the most pungent of odors.

Product Features

  • Ready to use
  • Does not affect bacterial action
  • Water based – no harmful solvents
  • Attacks the odor
  • Formulated to control obnoxious odors
  • FPA: C1


  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Aerators
  • Garbage Containers & Trucks
  • Lagoons
  • Dumps
  • Drain Fields
  • Mains & Laterals
  • Septic Tanks
  • Sewer Lines

For Use By:

  • Municipalities
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Waste Disposal Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Rendering

Directions for Use

See product label for complete directions.

Spray, mist or inject undiluted product into feed lines. Amount of product required will vary with the temperature, air movement and intensity of the odor.

For garbage containers, trucks and dumps, spray liberally over the source of the odor.

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