CCC 57

Aerosol Choke and Carburetor Cleaner 1256

Product Description

CCC 57 instantly cleans carburetor throats, automatic choke butterfly valves, PCV valves and linkage. Ideal for both preventive maintenance and tune-ups. CCC 57 dissolves and removes harmful carburetor and choke deposits that lower engine performance and increase fuel costs. It cleans quickly and thoroughly without the time and labor involved in disassembling. Safely removes gum and varnish buildup.

Product Features

  • Improves engine performance and reduces fuel consumption
  • Helps eliminate stalling
  • No sticky film
  • Cleans carburetor linkage
  • Computer sensor and oxygen sensor safe
  • Contains no CFCs


  • Chokes
  • PCVs
  • Carburetors
  • Generators
  • Vacuum Pistons
  • Starters
  • Thermostatic Coils
  • Engine Parts
  • Motors
  • Manifold Heat Control Valves

Directions for Use

Carburetor and Linkage: With ignition off and engine cool, remove air filter cleaner and spray entire exterior surface of carburetor, including linkage, springs and housing. After carburetor dries, start engine and spray product down the carburetor throat to remove the deposits from the lower throttle area.

Automatic Chokes: With engine off, spray cleaner on both ends of the choke valve and corresponding linkages while opening and closing choke by hand.

Manifold Heat Control: With engine cold, spray choke and carb cleaner on both ends of heat control valve shaft. Move counterweight up and down until valve moves freely. If necessary tap gently with a light hammer to loosen frozen heat control valve.

PCV Valve: Disconnect crank case side of PCV valve. With engine running, spray product into open end of valve while working the plunger back of forth.

IMPORTANT: If spilled or sprayed on painted surface, wipe off or wash off immediately.

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