Two-Component Floor Joint Sealer 2445

Product Description

C-JOINT is a two-component, 100% solids, heavy-duty epoxy joint filler for industrial floors. It may be used for repairing spalls, cracks and damaged joints. It can also be used as a joint filler for industrial concrete floors subjected to hard-wheeled vehicles such as forklifts.

Product Features

  • Easy to use – 1:1 by volume mix ratio
  • Color coded to ensure proper mixing ratio
  • Retains resiliency – does not become brittle with age
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Semi-rigid to support heavy loads across the joint
  • 100% solids


  • Cracks
  • Spalls
  • Damaged Joints

Available Sizes

  • 600 mL Cartridge
  • 2-Gallon Kit

Directions for Use

Area must be clean and dry. Saw-cuts should be blown clean and dry to remove dust and debris.  Remove curing and sealing compounds. Stir both A & B components separately before mixing together. Mix thoroughly with a heavy duty, low speed drill fitted with a mixing paddle. Mix until a uniform gray color appears, and no streaks are evident. Apply with bulk caulking gun or pour from can. Fill joints flush to the top or slightly higher than the surrounding surface. To prevent C-Joint  from running through shrinkage cracks at bottom of joint, apply a maximum of ¼” of fine sand. A second pass prior to curing may be necessary due to the fact that all pour grade materials will “dish” or become concave. Remove all tape and clean spills and tools immediately with a suitable solvent such as xylene or lacquer thinner.

Pot life is 15-25 minutes.

Initial cure time 6-8 hours.

Traffic ready in 8-12 hours.

2 year shelf life.

Limitations: Do not apply when temperature is below 50°F. Do not use on true expansion joints, exterior joints, tooled joints, or joints subject to chemical exposure. Do not install in concrete less than 28 days old. Best results are obtained when applied at least 3-6 months after construction. Do not use compressible backer rod.

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