Lithium Complex Synthetic Grease 2749

Product Description

STAR LUBE is a premium quality, multi-service, synthetic grease. This grease provides the extended long service life at exceptionally high temperatures and in heavy-duty operations. It is based on a unique lithium complex soap base thickener formulated in highly refined poly alpha olefin (PAO) and high quality hydrocarbon base oil. This grease possesses extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-corrosion & anti-oxidant characteristics to enhance its performance at lower speeds, heavy loads and at high temperatures. This grease also performs exceptionally well at low temperatures. Recommended for slow moving large bearings operating at very high temperatures and even in cold climate of steel, mining, marine, agriculture and off-highway operations.

Product Features

  • Synthetic high viscosity PAO base oil
  • Superior oxidation resistance and rust protection
  • Outstanding extreme pressure properties
  • Outstanding water resistance
  • Suitable for slow to medium speed bearings running under severe operating conditions
  • Provides long life under continuous high operating temperatures and corrosive environment
  • Provides effective wear protection for bearings under very heavy and shock load conditions
  • It works effectively for extended periods of time under water exposure and dusty/harsh environment
  • NLGI #2
  • Timken OK Load: 65
  • Optimal operating temperatures: -25°F to over 500°F


  • Steel industry
  • Mining industry
  • Off-highway operations
  • Marine industry
  • Agriculture industry

Directions for Use

Pump in Star Lube until all old grease comes out.

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