Aerosol Solvent Cleaner and Degreaser 1736

Product Description

SKIDOO is a highly concentrated, all-natural, organic and biodegradable solvent blend that easily removes grease, oil, grime and adhesives from metallic and nonmetallic surfaces, including most plastics. This formula is ideally suited for cleaning and degreasing machinery, equipment, engines and electric motors without the use of ozone-depleting chlorinated solvents. It is appropriate for use as a degreaser in non-processing areas of official establishments operating under the federal meat, poultry, shell egg grading, and egg products inspection programs. The use of this product is limited to nonprocessing areas such as that there is no possibility that solvent vapors may enter processing areas. All food processing equipment or utensils that are in contact with this product must be washed with an acceptable detergent preparation, and thoroughly rinsed with potable water before returning to a processing area.

Product Features

  • All ingredients are organic and biodegradable
  • No chlorinated or fluorinated solvents
  • No petroleum distillates
  • Excellent degreasing power
  • Nonconductive to 18,000 volts
  • Citrus and soy solvent based


  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • Electric Motors
  • Engines

Directions for Use

Remove cap and generously spray area to be clean until completely wet. Allow solvent to work for one minute, then wipe or rinse with a second spray. On heavily encrusted areas, use a brush. Always test on an inconspicuous area before using.


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