Pro Tools NF Air Duster

Aerosol Duster For Removing Dust From Delicate Surfaces 1498

Product Description

PRO TOOLS NF AIR DUSTER utilizes the highest purity, nonflammable material to create a non-residue formula that is completely plastic safe and contains no ozone depleters. Its blasting, precision spray quickly and easily removes dirt and dust from delicate surfaces, including all electronic or electrical devices from computers and office equipment to industrial machinery and manufacturing equipment.

Product Features

  • Pinpoint blasting spray
  • Completely plastic safe
  • High purity – no residue
  • Nonflammable


  • Circuit Boards
  • Contacts
  • Microcomponents
  • Print Heads
  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • CD-ROM Devices
  • Computers

Directions for Use

Turn off all equipment before using.  Do not shake or tilt can before using. Always use in upright position.  Before use, point away from objects and squeeze trigger to clear valve of any liquid.  Hold can vertically from area to be dusted and use short, quick blasts.  Use attached extension tube for hard-to-reach areas.

Do not use on camera mirrors.

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