Holds One 8 oz. Jar of Natural Air Gel 4336

Product Description

NATURAL AIR GEL DISPENSER is designed to hold one jar gel. It can be easily mounted to most surfaces. Made of white plastic, the unit is functional and subtle, hiding the product out of sight and allowing it to work discreetly. It features a cutout in the bottom of the unit making it easy to see how much product is remaining and for ease of removal once it is time to replace the product.

Product Features

  • For use with NATURAL AIR GEL
  • Holds one 8 oz. jar of Natural Air Gel (#3362)
  • Can be mounted to most surfaces using the industrial strength two-sided tape provided with each unit


  • Restrooms
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes

Directions for Use

The mounting surface must be free of dirt & grease. Wipe down the mounting surface with alcohol before the double-sided tape paper and adhering the dispenser to the surface of the wall. Mount the unit at least 7 feet above the floor, but not closer than 12 inches from the ceiling. For longest life of NATURAL AIR GEL, locate the NATURAL AIR GEL DISPENSER comfortably away from air return and air supply vents as well as windows. Locating the units too close to excessive air flow may accelerate evaporation.

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