Liquid Snow and Ice Melt 2491

Product Description

ICE BREAKER is a liquid concentrate containing calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride. It can be used before or after snowfall or freezing. It can be used undiluted in temperatures as low as -10°F, or diluted up to 1:1 in warmer temperatures.  Use on properly placed and cured concrete and asphalt pavement.

Product Features

  • Versatile and cost effective
  • Use before or after snowfall
  • Nonflammable
  • Can be used in temperatures as low as -10°F


Before snowfall, as an ice preventer: Apply 1-2 gallons of solution per 1000 square feet. After snowfall, as an ice melter: Apply 2-4 gallons of solution per 1000 square feet. As a bulk salt accelerator: Apply 5-10 gallons of solution per 2000 pounds of salt.

Note: As with all deicers, use only on properly placed and cured concrete. Do not use on porous or improperly cured concrete, or concrete less than one year old. The cycle of freezing and thawing by natural weather elements can cause damage to concrete. The use of an ice melt increases these cycles, and are factors over which we have no control. Use of deicers on porous brick, mortar joints, flagstone, and precast or prestressed concrete is not recommended. All deicers can be harmful when applied directly to trees, shrubs, flower beds, or grass. Remove any melted ice, snow, and slush from vegetation area. Ice melting agents that are applied at much greater rates than recommended may interfere with traction or footing, and may cause tracking indoors. Use of this ice melt must be at the consumer’s risk.

Directions for Use

Dilution Ratios:

Temperature Parts Ice Breaker Parts Water
-10°F 1  0
0°F 3 1
10°F 2 1
20°F 1 1

When diluting, add material to water, and use cool water (less than 80°F). On glazed ice, it may be  necessary to score the surface in several places before applying to allow penetration and prevent run-off. More than one application may be necessary in extreme conditions. Apply with a plastic sprayer or plastic watering can.

Do not use on metal, Ice Breaker will cause corrosion.

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