Down & Out

One Shot Acid Drain Opener With Built in Odor Blanket 2409

Product Description

DOWN & OUT stays on top of standing water in the drain and limits the emission of harmful gases. The solvents in DOWN & OUT act as a “chaser” to clear away substances such as styrofoam and similar polymeric materials that sulfuric acid will not dissolve. The sulfuric acid in this product dissolves food residue, rags, soap, paper, sanitary napkins, hair, tea bags, coffee grounds, and other organic obstructions. Entire contents used in a “ONE-SHOT” treatment. Not safe on 30 year old galvanized piping. This product contains concentrated sulfuric acid. Read all cautionary instructions carefully before using. Always use rubber gloves, protective clothing and eye protection when using this product. Do not use hot water or other chemicals with this product.

Product Features

  • Odor blanket solvent layer prevents odor fumes
  • Will not harm PVC pipes
  • 93.2% sulfuric acid
  • Food Processing Acceptability: L1


  • Drains
  • Grease Traps

Directions for Use

Always use the face shield and protective gloves and read and understand the Safety Tips Sheet provided in each 12-pint case. Do no use before, after or with any other drain opener product or when any other chemical is present in the drain. Never use a plunger. Do not pour into standing water or a completely stopped drain. Do not use hot water immediately before or after using drain opener. Use with adequate ventilation.

Empty entire container into drain holding away from body at arm’s length. Cover with a pail or inverted dish pan. Allow to stand for 15 minutes, then flush with large amounts of cold water to clear drain of acid to prevent the following. DANGER: Violent eruption or explosion releasing harmful gases and corrosive liquid splash back could result from failure to observe these cautions and all label directions.

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