What makes us unique?

Our approach of making friends out of prospects and customers out of friends is the cornerstone of our sales philosophy. We believe selling is too much like hard work if it is not fun!


  • As a Pro Chem sales representative, you will be in control of your future. The better your sales ability, the more you will earn.
  • Pro Chem gives you the opportunity to earn incentives beyond your normal commission compensation to include exotic vacation trips, cruises, prizes, cash and more!
  • The products we provide are needed in both good times and bad, so ours is a relatively recession proof business.
  • Many of the products we offer lend themselves to simple, easy tabletop demos.
  • Because the products we sell are consumable, they must be reordered, creating high rates of repeat sales.
  • Our market is vast and diversified because our product line is so extensive.
  • We train all of our representatives to be consultants and trusted experts.
  • You will benefit from a committed and friendly customer service department, who realizes that supporting our outside sales people is what we are all about.
  • We offer a very comprehensive benefit package that includes life insurance, medical, and health insurance, dental insurance, prescription drug insurance and a liberal 401K plan.
  • At Pro Chem, you will never be considered just a number. You are treated honestly, fairly, and with dignity at all times.