Spill Control Kits

Battery Acid Spill Kit 5 Gallon #385805 (pictured)

Same as 20 gallon kit, but contains 10 lbs. battery acid neutralizing sorbent, (1) pair safety goggles, (1) face shield, (1) pair chemical gloves, (1) apron, (1) pair boots, (1) broom/dust pan, (2) disposable bags with ties, and instruction sheet. For acid spills up to 1.5 gallons.

Bloodborne Clean Up Kit #473601

Blood and bodily fluid clean up environmental hygiene kit. 6 individual kits per box. Boxes cannot be broken. Complies with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Rule 29 CFR 1910.1030. Heavy-duty plastic case with handle and safety latch. Kit includes: (1) pair disposable gloves, (1) pair disposable shoe covers, (1) disposable apron, (2) scoops/scrapers, (2) red biohazard bags with ties, (1) disposable towel, (1) pair protective eyewear, (1) isolation mask, (1) 3 oz. packet of absorbent powder, (2) antiseptic wipes, Material Safety Data Sheets, (1) instruction sheet, (1) disposable wipe with HIV-1 tuberculocidal claim.

General Purpose Spill Kit 55 Gallon #385655

Use on oils, water and non-aggressive fluids. Each kit contains (15) 4 ft. socks, (6) medium pillows, 16 lbs. safety sorbent, (100) pads, and (4) disposable bags. Absorbs 48 gallons.

General Purpose Spill Kit 6.5 Gallon #385606

Same as the 55 gallon kit but contains (4) 4 ft. socks, (2) cartons safety sorbent, (5) pads
& (2) disposal bags. Absorbs 5 gallons.

Universal/HazMat Spill Kit #3857

Offers protection against hazardous chemical or liquid spills. Each kit absorbs over 6 gallons. Each kit contains (3) 4 ft. socks, (10) pads, (1) carton safety sorbent, (2) disposal bags, instruction sheet in a Ziploc bag.

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