Grease Guns

Pistolmatic Grease Gun #610, #450201(1)


  • Pistol-type cartridge grease gun
  • Equipped with a double-cup, two-way plunger which adapts to bulk or cartridge grease
  • Prevents grease from getting behind plunger
  • Develops a working pressure of 5,000 psi
  • All-steel construction and bright zinc plating to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Delivers 1 ounce per 40 strokes

Hand Lever Action Grease Gun #410, #450101(2)


  • Bright zinc-plated and spring-primed
  • Can develop 7,000 psi of greasing pressure
  • Can be used with any Pro Chem cartridge greases, filler pump, or suction
  • Delivers 1 ounce per 28 strokes

Maxi Lube #452501(3)


  • Threadless, quick load barrel
  • Adjustable setting to switch easily between high pressure and high volume
  • Works effortlessly in cold weather
  • Fitted with an automatic air bleeder and bulk loader

Power Lube #410101(4)


  • Max psi of 8,500
  • Two 1500 mAh Vi-cad batteries and charger
  • 30 inch whip hose with spring guard
  • Holds 14.5 ounce cartridge
  • Easy 3-way filling: Cartridge, suction or filler pump
  • Has air bleeder valve
  • Comes with a shoulder strap and plastic case for easy transportation

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