Floor Guard

Disposable Mats for Urinals 3160

Product Description

FLOOR GUARD is a disposable restroom floor mat designed and treated to control odors and protect floors from staining. The mat fits under urinals to capture urine spills and control accompanying odors. The non-woven polypropylene face is treated with Tinosan, an antimicrobial agent that is safe, effective and controls odors.

Each mat is charcoal in color, which resists staining even under heavy traffic. The life of the odor control feature varies with traffic, however, the average life expectancy is approximately 30 to 60 days.

Product Features

  • Reduces maintenance cost by eliminating the need for frequent mopping around urinals
  • Provides an image of cleanliness
  • Anti-microbial treated mats are useful in tracking of urinal spills and odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of urine


  • Office Buildings
  • Health Care Providers
  • Public Restrooms
  • Nursing Homes

Directions for Use

Heavy Traffic: 400+/- users per day. Casinos, bars, theaters, fast food outlets, etc. Replace every 5-7 days.

Medium Traffic: 200+/- users per day. Restaurants, hotels, clinics, hospitals, schools, etc. Replace every 2-4 weeks.

Light Traffic: 50+/- users per day. Offices, retail stores, medical offices, etc. Replace every 4 weeks.

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