Dura Seal

Waterborne, Two-Part Epoxy Concrete Coating 2489

Product Description

DURA SEAL is a water-based, premeasured, two part pigmented epoxy coating formulated to provide a tough concrete seal against chemical penetration (including brake fluid) and physical deterioration of existing concrete. Dries in 12-24 hours for traffic, with maximum hardness in 5-7 days (dependent upon temperature, higher temperatures will cause faster dry time). Regular maintenance and cleanup is simple by using any Pro Chem water-based degreaser. DURA SEAL’s low odor makes it an ideal product to use in facilities such as hospitals, schools and nursing homes where the presence of solvent odors and/or flammability problems would normally prohibit the application of a sealer.  May be applied to new concrete.

NOTE: DO NOT apply if floor temperature is below 60°F or over 90°F or if relative humidity is above 80%, or if air temperature is below 60°F within 24 hours of application. Not recommended for outside use. DURA SEAL does not contain UV protectant and may turn chalky or cloudy in prolonged direct sunlight.

Product Features

  • Dries to a high gloss that is easy to clean
  • Provides a tough coating that protects against dust, dirt, water, acid and alkali cleaners, alcohol, Skydrol, and brake fluid
  • Minimum floor prep required, can be cleaned with soap and water
  • Low VOC, mild odor
  • Superior resistance to abrasion, marring, scuffing, foot traffic, forklifts, and chemicals
  • 46% solids


  • Automobile Repair Bays
  • Repair Shops
  • Industrial Plants
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Commercial Buildings

Available Sizes

  • 1-Gallon Kit
  • 5-Gallon Kit

Directions for Use

Follow surface preparation instructions to ensure the floor is prepared to accept coating. Mix all of Part B (Resin) into Part A (pigmented hardener) using an electric drill mounted with a “Jiffy” type mixer. Mix until a uniform color is obtained. Avoid air entrapment. Let sit 3-5 minutes after stirring to dissipate air bubbles. Pot life after mixing is 90 minutes. DO NOT USE BEYOND THIS TIME FRAME EVEN IF PRODUCT APPEARS NORMAL. Apply mixed product in thin even coats with a short nap 3/8” or no nap paint roller from a clean roller pan. Do not pour directly onto floor. There is no need to work this finish into the surface since the superior penetrating qualities of the product will perform this function. Discard roller cover when through. All remaining application equipment may be cleaned with soap and water before pot-life expires. Discard all unused material after 90 minutes. No noticeable change will be noted but film characteristics will be unsatisfactory.

Two coats are recommended (wait 3-6 hours between coats).

Coverage Rate:

(6 mil thickness recommended)

1st Coat – 225 sq. ft/gal
Additional Coats – 250 sq. ft/gal

1st Coat – 300 sq. ft/gal
Additional Coats – 400 sq. ft/gal

Pot Life: 90 minutes
Open to Light Traffic: 12-24 hrs
Maximum hardness: 5-7 days

NOTE:  All dry and cure times are based on 75°F at 50% humidity.  Individual dry times and pot life may vary depending upon other conditions.  Application is not recommended where the indoor relative humidity is over 80% or where the surface temperature to be coated is less than 60°F.  For best results, apply two thin coats, rather than one thick coat.

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