Aluminum RTV Silicone Gasket Maker 1283

Product Description

ALUMI-SEAL RTV silicone gasket-maker is a single component, RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicone rubber. When applied as a formed-in-place gasket, it reacts with moisture in the air and cures to a rubber like product. It will adhere to clean metal, glass, most types of wood, plastic, rubber, and ceramic surfaces. Because it does not flow due to its own weight, this sealant can be applied overhead or on sidewall joints without sagging or running off. This product is corrosive to most metals and is not recommended for electrical connections. Should not be used on head gaskets.

Product Features

  • No caulking gun required
  • Long, durable protection
  • No replacement necessary
  • Resistant to weathering, vibration, moisture, and temperatures up to 450°F


  • Machinery
  • Windows
  • Heating & Ventilating Duct Work
  • Equipment Housing
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Low Pressure Water & Drain Pipes

Directions for Use

Liberally apply by spraying on battery cells, cables, and casings while keeping cell caps tightly closed. It will change colors in the presence of acid and change back to its original color when neutralized. Agitate with a brush and wipe clean with a cloth, rinse with water or allow to air dry.
Battery Stands, Rollers, & Racks: Liberally apply by spraying on the rollers, stands, and racks. Agitate with a brush and wipe clean with a cloth, rinse with water or allow to air dry.
Concrete floors: Apply liberally by spraying on concrete floors and agitate with brush and allow product to remain on floors undisturbed for a few minutes before rinsing.

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